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Jakob series


Jacob fights with the angel, 2021-23, 170 x 200 cm, acrylic on canvas. It is a part of the Jacob series. Folgt man der Interpretation der biblischen Jakobgeschichte, es handle sich bei dem Kampf mit dem Engel um ein Ringen mit sich selbst, so ist hier der Schauplatz ein sehr kleines Quadrat durch eine schmale Treppe erreichbar, umgeben vom Abgrund.An den vier Ecken sind Köpfe, welche die Grundcharaktere aus der 4 Säftelehre des Hippokrates repräsentieren: […]

Peter Feiler Solo Exhibition ‘Kathastrophe’ at Zic Zerp in Rotterdam featuring the extensive work ‘Tabula Cebetis’


At the end of 2023, Feiler will have a major solo exhibition at Zic Zerp in Rotterdam and at the same time present the extensive work ‘Tabula Cebetis’ with a legend in book form at QUADRIGA Berlin. The commissioned work not only serves to represent the university and its self-image, but also serves as inspiration for the architects for the conversion of the building.

Ground and flight series


The idea of this series is to find a rhythm between ‘grounding’ and ‘flight’. The technical basis is canvas on cardboard. The ‘grounding’ is formed by the still life in the form of a medicine package that is sober only at first glance: the industrial shell becomes a meditation on the technochemical fine-tuning of our consciousness. For Feiler, pharmaceuticals are a symbol of ‘system-compatible’ coping with reality and creep into his paintings again and again; […]

Charakter series


2023, All dimensions are in A3 on graph paper with acrylic, the last sheet with watercolour black. The heads are to be understood as studies and preparations for larger works, almost all sheets were created without templates, the line follows an inner impulse,the tracing of a certain character trait. The series begins with the transformation of the so-called ‘Trollface’, a well-known internet meme. Gradually, however, the series develops a momentum of its own, sometimes producing […]

St. Georg series


no more need to kill each other guys, 2023, 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas. This painting is an ironic development of the St. George theme. The beauty at the edge of the picture asks the opponents to stop the fight. The obvious reason is a neon-coloured dildo in her hand. The sketchy manner of presentation underlines the meaning of the action in question. St. Georg, 2023, 120 x 170 cm, oil on canvas. […]

Riefenstahl series


Series between 2020 and 2022, all 80 x 120 co, Oil on canvas except the last old Riefenstahl (90 x 150 cm). Originally, this series was a project to create painterly interpretations for unpublished slides from Leni Riefenstahl’s Africa series and then to auction them together. The project failed because the auction house went bankrupt in Corona’s time. Feiler put a capstone on the series with an interpretation of a Helmut Newton photograph of Riefenstahl […]

Forest series


The forest series has its origins in a collaboration with a director friend for a play based on Ernst Jünger’s ‘Waldgang’. In Jünger’s work, the forest forms a place of retreat and an allegorical basis for the struggle of the individual against a totalitarian system. At the same time, the forest entered cultural memory at the latest with German Romanticism (C. D. Friedrich). For example in ” Der Chasseur im Walde, 1814 “. In Feiler’s […]



Solidarity, 2023, A2, mixed media on watercolor paper. The study questions ideological body images in cynically twisted layering.Solidarity !!!’ shows a grinning troll sawing off his leg to make himself equal to the astonished three-legged dog in solidarity. Surrounding him are 3 busts: on the left, one from Greece, more than a thousand years old; on the right, the same pattern but according to modern beauty standards; and above, the fascist Breker-ideal who seems to […]