Solidarity, 2023, A2, mixed media on watercolor paper.

The study questions ideological body images in cynically twisted layering.
Solidarity !!!’ shows a grinning troll sawing off his leg to make himself equal to the astonished three-legged dog in solidarity. Surrounding him are 3 busts: on the left, one from Greece, more than a thousand years old; on the right, the same pattern but according to modern beauty standards; and above, the fascist Breker-ideal who seems to look disgustedly at a Hitler doll in a superman costume. In front of the troll is a beer can of Bud Light, but with ‘but light’ written on it. Instead of a likeness of Dylan Mulvaney – the result of a failed transgender-friendly advertising campaign – the can features a pixelated photo of Audrey Hale’s corpse. This is a transman shot by police who killed 3 adults and three children in a rampage at a school in Nashville. On the can sits a cockroach with a Luis Vuitton pattern on its shell.

Pride Parade (sic!), 2023, approximately A2, Mixed media on watercolor paper.

Strange days, 2023, 20 x 20 cm, Acrylic on canvas.

The blue duck beaver in natural habitat, 2023, 20 x 20 cm, Acrylic on canvas.